Monday, 2 June 2008

Whats been keeping me busy

Well my first two weeks of being back on WOW have been fairly eventful! I haven't had much time to blog however as I've also started a new job as a web developer for a company in Stockton called TeesWeb!

So here's a bit of an update of my recent goings on in WOW:

My Badge Loot Comparison post came in handy as I've managed to save up 100 badges and brought my Adorned Supernal Legwraps. When fully buffed this pushes my healing to over 2000 which is a pretty big margin! The best bit of loot I got though was my new Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat from the fishing daily quest! I really do love this thing! The next day I got an Eye of the Sea which sold for a very respectable 350g!

The guild I applied for a few weeks ago Khaos Dragons was a bit of a disappointment. During my 2 weeks of belonging to the guild I only got to see one 25 man progression raid which really wasn't what I was expecting. So I've left and joined the guild Megiddo who are at about the same level of progression (if not a bit further) and raiding 4 nights a week without any attendance troubles.

There was a new first for me this week dowing Rage Winterchill for my first time! The fight was fairly easy once we managed to get the waves of trash under control. Manged to reach friendly with The Scale of the Sands not a lot of use to me until I get my, now optional, attunement quest done though. The one progression raid I was in with Khaos Dragons was actually very successful getting two first kills for the guild in one night on. We killed The Lurker Below and Morogrim Tidewalker without too many problems. Shame after that there were no more 25 man progression raids, and still haven't been any.

I decided to get back into a bit of Azeroth exploration this week as dailies were getting boring. I managed to beat the fatigue debuff for long enough to reach the edge of the world and stay there for a bit until I went out of mana (OOM). Also took a look at whats behind the mountain range south of Tanaris, Ungoro and Silithus. Checked out Ironforge airport and the farm that sits in the mountains in southern Wetlands. I'm thinking up some posts for my WOW exploration discoveries even if there not really breaking news exploring is still one of my most favorite things to do in WOW.

I finally made it to exalted with Thrallmar and Lower City after doing a string of heroics! Not much useful loot there for me but it's another few exalted's to add to my collection! My Shattered Sun Offensive reputation is about half way through revered at the moment but has slowed down a bit these past few days due to daily boredom and exploring fun!

I finally reached 375 fishing, what can I say the new daily quests really gave me more of a reason to get into fishing again and it's a new way to relax after a hard nights wiping. I also got my first PvE title Mattous, Champion of the Naaru and completed my Black Temple attunement (not that it's needed anymore) getting my Medallion of Karabor.

On another note a lot of my long term friends on my current server Bladefist have been moving to different servers due to a lack of hardcore raiding opportunities. When I say a lot I really mean it, practically all of them have left now and they were pretty much the only reason for me sticking with this realm. I'm strongly considering moving server, but there will be a full post about that sometime soon!

So that's all I've been up to (quite a lot really in two weeks) and a bit of a taste of things to come!

Screenshots in order of appearance:
Me in my new fishing hat, Rage Winterchill down, The edge of the World, The farm in the Wetlands Mountains, In the mountains south of Silithus.