Saturday, 17 May 2008

Badge Loot Comparison

This post will look at the new healing badge gear that's available for me to buy. As I've been away since before patch 2.4 hit I never really thought about what badges to get. So when I logged yesterday the vendor was already unlocked and I had 165 badges burning a hole in my Traveler's Backpack. So here's the list of what gear I currently have compared to the badge loot.

Boots of the Incorrupt vs Slippers of Dutiful Mending
+4 Stamina
+1 Intellect
+11 Spirit
+1 red socket
+2 Spirit socket bonus
+29 Healing
-8 mana per 5 seconds (mp5)
Cost: 65 Badges

Trousers of the Incarnate
vs Adorned Supernal Legwraps
-12 stam
+3 Intellet
+6 Spirit
+1 Blue socket
+1 Red scoket
+4 Stamina socket bonus
+26 Healing
Cost: 100 Badges

Robes of Heavenly Purpose vs Gown of Spiritual Wonder
+15 Stamina
+12 Intellect
-5 Spirit
+1 Red Socket
+2 Spirit Socket Bonus
-1 Yellow Socket
-2 Blue Sockets
-9 Healing Socket Bonus
+17 Healing
Cost: 100 Badges

Vindicator's Band of Salvation vs Anveena's Touch
-7 Stamina
-1 Intellect
-22 Resilience
+15 Healing
+5 mp5
Cost: 60 Badges

Ethereum Life-Staff vs Gavel of Naaru Blessings (and Talisman of the Sun King)
+ 17 Stamina
+ 10 Intellect
- 62 Spirit
+ 108 Healing
+ 6 mp5
Cost: 150 Badges

I decided to go with buying the boots first, which are possiably the biggest upgrade that I can afford (the legs are better but I have limited funds for an enchant and gems). I also brought the ring because it gives me a nice boost to my mp5 which I lost on the boots and a bit more healing. I'll be working my way through getting all of these except maybe the Gavel of Naaru Blessings because of the huge spirit nurf that I would take. I have 20 badges left so it'll be a while before I can afford the next item!

My return to WOW last night went well I've got lots of screenshots that I'll share with you in a later post. Here's one to wet the appitite!

My return to WOW first takes me to an old enemy