Sunday, 10 August 2008

RoS down! Plus a nice upgrade

Today I finally got me an upgrade for my Red Riding Hood's Cloak from Karazahn. Gurtogg Bloodboil finally dropped some healing loot! Shroud of Forgiveness is way better looking that my old cape so that's one thing but it also gave me 36 more healing, 120 health and like 1.2 more mana regen! I guess those are the kind of upgrades you get when you go from tier 4 or 6! Best priest cloak until the twins in Sunwell.

My new cloak

Oh and while writing this post we had 2 tries on RoS and downed him/it(?) on the second try of the day! That's 6/9 BT! Time to go farm for Hearts of Darkness! Then it's Mother Shahraz!

Reliquary of Souls defeated 10/08/08