Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Black Temple Cleared!

Well I never got round to saying we downed the Illidari Council (the day after we killed Mother Shahraz) and then then Wednesday/Thursday re-cleared up to Illidan again. Sunday we spent pretty much all day wiping on him learning the fight our best attempt was 8%, Monday one of our fire resistance tanks didn't show but Tuesday we had another geared up and after a few more hours of wipes we killed him! Black temple cleared! Only 6 bosses left in the game that I've never killed! Were not geared for Sunwell yet but in a few weeks we'll be going and giving it a go. I'm well pleased with our progress took the guild about 2 months to clear MH and BT!

Side note: during our Illidan kill attempt around 32% my keyboard batteries died, when Maiev showed up I ran to get another to plug in. Thankfully while I was away I didn't wipe the raid, also had someone banging on the door while all this was going on... didn't answer it still no idea who it was! Even with all that I still managed to come second on the healing meters! Go me!